Shameless, ‘The Two Lisas’ review: The invading hipster hordes

"I want to renew our vows. I want this to be our choice. I want to do it right.” 

The world around you is changing and this doesn’t sit well with you. You want to say something, not just in good fun as you’ve been doing, but something that comes from the depths of your soul. You’re tired of gentrification, because it destroys everything you know about the world. It hurts your heart to see your neighbourhood turn to crap. Can’t a good American man not just worry about his Milk of the Gods anymore?

You have to yell, but the only people you find to yell at are your wife and oldest daughter. You complain that the two lesbians are killing your world as you know it … until your world literally blows up.

Welcome to Shameless. 

In ‘The Two Lisas,’ showrunner John Wells reminds us viewers that civilization, just like beauty, is very much in the eye of the beholder.

Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy) will say that gentrification marks “the decline of civilization as we know it,” but plenty would say that it’s already very much so in decay. The Gallagher universe is one where Veronica Fisher (played by Shanola Hampton) gets on Kev’s case for turning to Svetlana for help with his twin daughters… despite her feeding everyone else’s babies through her breast milk sweatshop in their upstairs apartment. It’s “to sell it to rich white folk,” V says. Mmmmhmmm.

The Gallagher universe is also one where, impossibly, chicks dig wheelchairs and where you “provide oral” just so you can stick around—when in actuality, if you were a bit older you would try to stick it in instead. Carl Gallagher (played by Ethan Cutkosky) will learn, it’s okay—the same way he’ll eventually learn a thing or two about love at his young age. They always leave, Carl.

It’s also a universe where Debbie Gallagher (played by Emma Kenney) throws her own party and calls it an “adult party.”

We’ll get back to that “Good” part of the equation but for now, let’s just say that the Gallagher universe is one where you don’t wait until he’s turned around, or until you’ve walked away, to celebrate. It’s a universe where you want to grow up so much and experiment “with adult stuff,” only once you’ve done so you are incredibly disappointed.

(We tweeted this and yet, we had entirely no clue as to just how bad it would turn out.)

Well, Debbie statutory raped herself apparently—yep, that’s what she did—because the Gallagher universe is possibly the lone place where this could happen. It’s a universe where Sheila Jackson (played by Joan Cusack) gets her nails done, her hair did, and wears a new dress, and yet her husband can’t seem to notice, nor bother. It’s a universe where he tells her that he’s seen the world and it’s a piece of shit but she’d still like to travel and follow her dreams because what little she does know about the world sure makes it look like hot garbage.

(If it’s the last we’ve seen of Sheila, I think us viewers should be at peace with it. She deserved the cathartic send-off she got, from Frank and the house that held her hostage for so long, and her character had run its course on the show.)

The Gallagher universe is one where you give your youngest child the important mission of running the lesbians out of your hood and where said child counters with an “All of them?” Carl is perhaps the last member of the Gallagher who will ask his father Frank how high he wants him to jump when he asks him to.

But most of all, the Gallagher universe is one where Fiona Gallagher (played by Emmy Rossum) is told that someone has a fetish for fuck-ups while the audience screams out to their TV that she has that fetish.

We have a feeling that Fiona, who’s been chewed up and spit back out every which way possible by men—to be fair, often much to her great joy—might have found one worth keeping. That song he plays for her? That’s the song you fall in love with.

The Gallagher universe is one where you’re this revolving door for chumps and where the guy running the scrapyard who is a recent divorcee… is somehow an upgrade? Yikes. :/

Finally, the Gallagher universe is one where you try when you should just do, because the consequences are often so dire.

Lip Gallagher (played by Jeremy Allen White) messes up and he knows it too. Oh, Lip. So, so tragic. The brightest of the Gallagher bunch has managed to escape this universe and gain access t0 a world where good looks and snarky remarks will only get you so far. In this alternate universe of civilization, you need to step up and put up or shut up. He tries to with Mandy Milkovich (played by Emma Greenwell), but only manages to get so far.

Tragically, this means that Mandy leaves.