Shameless, ‘Crazy Love’ review: School starts today?

“You did okay, Mickey. You know? You tried. That’s a lot more than what most people would do.” 

You look out of the window, because the alternative would be to look within and you would rather do just about anything over doing that.

You listen to Lip tell you something and you know he’s right, but that’s an emotion that you can’t really wrap your mind around right now. You think of Ian.

And how he (almost) got away. 

In ‘Crazy Love,’ showrunner John Wells reminds us viewers that trying is sometimes just as good as it gets.

The first people trying, in fact, are us viewers. We try to look at Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy) as something other than just the sorry excuse of a man and father that he is, but it’s to no avail. And it’s the wrong way to look at Frank, anyway.

He’s hated by plenty and many, and that’s by design. It’s who and what he is. It’s the Shameless universe staying true to reality and making Frank a drag on the viewers in the very same way that he is on his fellow characters.

Jimmy/Steve/Jack (played by Justin Chatwin) is another one who is trying like all hell—trying to rekindle a past romance with the love of his life. Alas, he has an entire story that sticks to him like drama sticks to Fiona, and she can’t possibly overcome it. (And give JSJ the credit that he deserves. That story he tells Fiona of where he has been has to be true. There is no way that a man is lying when he tells you this story. And neither is he lying when you give him a bloody nose.)

Fiona Gallagher (played by Emmy Rossum) also tries the hardest that she can to resist JSJ, but she’s always melted around him. They say that family roles never change and that they remain the same no matter how long it’s been, right? Viewers see proof of this when JSJ and Fiona put the Gallagher kitchen to good use again.

Their reconciliation, of course, appears to be short-lived when Fiona kicks JSJ to the curb—both figuratively and (almost) literally. (As someone who hasn’t shied away from explaining that I’m fine with the return of JSJ, I do hope that this isn’t the last we see of our favourite delinquent this season.)

And after finally pushing JSJ away, Fiona finally gets the Gus Pfender (played by Steve Kazee) that she wants and to eat it too. Lip Gallagher (played by Jeremy Allen White) also tries to enjoy the college life as best as he can, but he doesn’t actually need to try that hard. Viewers quickly learn that Lip is perfect for the RA life—he has the perfect mix of smugness and condescendence, to both freshmen and their mothers, that guarantees a fun time. (Not to mention his not-girlfriend.)

But in ‘Crazy Love,’ no one tries quite as much as Mickey Milkovich (played by Noel Fisher). He knows that in some way it is his inability and fear to confront Ian Gallagher (played by Cameron Monaghan) and to give him the help that he so desperately needs that has led the latter to flee.

Mickey did confront Ian, of course, but did so clumsily. Over the course of the episode, he agonizes because while he’s never met a problem that couldn’t be solved with a punch or a gun, this is different and he knows it. In the process, he learns both a whole lot about himself and to love and accept himself for who he is.

In gut-wrenching fashion, he has to bid adieu to Ian more or less right after he finally sees him again. Because he knows that if he doesn’t let him go this one time, then he might lose him forever.