The blog aims to provide commentary on media, sports and pop culture. It looks at overarching themes and issues and goes beyond the typical stories.

I am behind the Tennis & Travels bimonthly column at I'll look ahead to the tennis calendar and highlight tournaments or places to visit. Hopefully you'll read and, dare I dream, enjoy it.

I am thrilled and proud to announce that I will be covering the Arkansas State Red Wolves for Underdog Dynasty, which falls under the prestigious and quite large SB Nation umbrella. I have never been within a radius of, euhm, surely about 1,500 km of Arkansas, so it makes perfect sense that I would be the one to howl for the site. Please know that I'll do my best to bring humour and poutine to my writing. And not in that order.

I'm a regular contributor to, for which I write the weekly Tennis Elbow column. I try to find humour at every turn and, every week, I must hide my dedication to Novak Djokovic.  I’m maybe not good enough to be a professional player–far from it, actually–but I’m good enough to write about it.

I also am a CIS correspondent providing extensive coverage of the OUA's Ryerson Rams for Northpolehoops. I write season previews, player profiles and mid-season reports, and in the past two seasons I have attended the Wilson Cup. I am also a member of the NPH national rankings panel.

I wrote a monthly column on the NFL and NCAA football for The Good Point until August 2013.

J'étais aussi l'auteur d'une chronique hebdomadaire sur la NFL, publiée à tous les mercredis, pour les bonnes gens de Versus Football. Cela s'est terminé en mars 2015.