Put That On Your Playlist: An Introduction

(Photo courtesy of  David Shankbone )

(Photo courtesy of David Shankbone)

For 2018 and beyond, and because the playlist is now king and queen in all of music, let's introduce a new series in this here space.

Put That On Your Playlist will be our attempt at two killing two birds with one stone, namely creating a new blog post at the same time that we are creating a new playlist for our Spotify profile. Sort of a "help me help you" but on your own.

Every time for PTOYP we'll look at the entire discography of a given artist and create a playlist made up of our favourite songs from every album of said artist. Makes sense? How will we do it, you ask? On the playlist, the first song will be our favourite first song from the discography of this artist, the second will be our favourite second song, and so on.

Throughout, we'll maintain a list of criteria and guidelines:

  • The aim with PTOYP isn't to make the best possible album. This is a playlist, not an album, and the end result will be an X-track playlist made up of our favourite songs from an artist. Music is entirely too subjective to speak of things like best this or best that. What does best mean anyway, ya dig?
  • Album exclusives, i.e. what do we do if an album is just on Apple Music but not Spotify, will be on a case-by-case basis and we very well might make it up as we go. But we won't ever subscribe to Tidal LOLOLOLOLOL.
  • We can't have duplicates. We can only pick one second song even if we love four different ones, and love two of them better any song No. 13. Kill your babies, sorry.
  • We must also pick one song of every track number on an artist discography. Maybe we don't like any song No. 8, but get creative and start liking one.
  • We'll only look at official and actual releases and will disregard any mixtapes or b-side releases, regardless of how great the mixtapes were or how important to an artist's rise they were. Basically: if it ain't on Spotify, then we can't use it. Sorry, no dice.

Let's run through an example, okay? Say you're a fan of Japandroids, I mean you really absolutely and positively love them, just LOVE them, and you wanna have fun with this exercise. So what you do is you start off by looking at the Japandroids' Spotify page and pick your favourite among Near To The Wild Heart Of LifeThe Nights of Wine and RosesDarkness on the Edge of Gastown and The Boys Are Leaving Town. That's the first track on your playlist. You do the same with North East South WestFire's HighwayNo Allegiance to the Queen and Young Hearts Spark Fire, and so on. Every time, you pick one and only one and it doesn't matter if you don't like any eighth song better than your two favourite fourth songs: you still pick just one fourth song and one eighth song. Got it? Good.

In every case, we'll have a short intro about the artist we're discussing and then we'll quickly run through the playlist song by song. Once that's done, we'll look at whether if any of our choices on these playlists might tell us a few things about both the artist as well as our own person as a music fan.