Homeland, ‘The Star’ review: Crowning achievement

“I fucked it up. And it would be really sad to see you do the same thing.”

Homeland finished its eventful third season, one that brought its viewers on a journey across the Americas and then across the world, with one of the strongest episodes of the year. Well before Carrie draws a star on that wall in Langley, ‘The Star’ brings peace of mind to the Homeland viewers.

We realize that we’re Brody. What’s happened up to this point has left us scrambling at what comes next, because we never believed we’d live to see this day. 

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Homeland, ‘Big Man in Tehran’ review: Lots of moving parts

“I need to know now that I can trust you.” 

In ‘Big Man in Tehran,’ Brody is, yes, the big man in Tehran. The execution of the CIA’s plan to have a regime change in Iran went awry, and Brody decides to make the most of a bad situation. He becomes the newest puppet of the Iranian government and betrays, once again, the country that he once called home.

Brody stops running in this week’s episode. It turns out that it’s all a con. 

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Homeland, ‘Good Night’ review: Bad luck or bad gum?

“There’s no fresh side. One side’s sweaty, the other’s just dirty.” 

The next place in the Homeland journey is actually where it all started—Brody is in Iraq, four miles from the border with Iran but only a satellite image away from Carrie.

In the same way, after the hate of two weeks ago and the near-love of last week, it’s more of the same for the viewers this week. We’re back where it all started, and it’s fine that way.

But boy did it take long to get there.

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Homeland, ‘One Last Time’ review: Cold turkey

“He’s not what we expected. But he’s what we’ve got.” 

There’s always “one last time” in Homeland in the same way that there’s always that next place. This week, Brody wakes up and that’s where he is—that next place, a hospital bed, somewhere in Virginia.

There’s yet another next place for us viewers too. It turns out that after hatecomes—what, love? Well, maybe love is too strong a word. But ‘One Last Time’ was definitely one of the stronger hours of this third season, one of the first in a while that has me anticipating the future. I still think Brody should be dead, if not from the suicide vest then at least for his being the Langley Bomber.

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Homeland, ‘A red wheelbarrow’ review: Painting a nursery

“You know you don’t have to promise anything. Really. I understand.”

Increasingly, Peter Quinn has come to symbolize the typical Homeland audience—us viewers were #AllIn at first, but that enthusiasm has slowly been curbed. These days, we want nothing more than to leave but we can’t. Like Quinn, I stay on for a weird sense of dedication and duty to see through to its end my mission of bringing moderately funny recaps to my readers.

But I’m not Quinn. Had I been in his shoes in ‘A red wheelbarrow,’ I wouldn’t have shot Carrie because I was following orders. I probably would have been the one suggesting it to Dar Adal.

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Homeland, 'Gerontion' review: Plum wine

“…Which, in Iran, just means it’s Tuesday.” 

Now in its third season,Homeland is a show that hasn’t aged beautifully—or maybe that one is too easy. Let’s try a different one. “You started this,” Saul tells Javadi. “I think you’ll want to be there when it ends.” But do us viewers want to continue on that journey to the next place? I’m not so sure.

In this new episode, Lockhart is but the latest victim to fall for the show’s Triangle of Wood, but surely he will not be the last.

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Homeland, ‘Still Positive’ review: Is this the month of March?

“You may have me over a barrel, but I’ll never be your bitch.” 

Prior to ‘Still Positive,’ all of us viewers had been detached just like Saul had been in his conversation with Mira. For the better part of the last season and a half, we had every reason to get mad at showrunner Alex Gansa but we had preserved face. But by the end of this sixth episode, we finally flipped. Just like Saul did.

Or maybe I was alone like that. M’eh. 

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Homeland, ‘The Yoga Play’: The scenic route to Albany

“Dana’s in love, who knows what she’ll see.” 

In ‘The Yoga Play,’ all of us viewers were all duck hunting and we finally shot one down, our Leo “Romeo.” With him out of the way, showrunner Alex Gansa can finally move us along to the next place in the Homeland journey. Because he was the problem. We always knew the next place was the pursuit of Majid Javadi, but the teenage love story kept taking us out of the dark. We could only look at Javadi from 17,000 feet above, because that’s how high Dana and Leo were flying.

Mercifully, the showrunners decided to put that duck down and out of its misery this week. 

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Homeland, ‘Game On’ review: Say hi to your mom for me.

“It’s up to you to draw the line you won’t cross.”

It turns out that the cabin in the woods that showrunner Alex Gansa had been building this season may have been made of straw or wood, but that it was by design. There are still plenty more trees in the forest—the key is for viewers to see it.

The “next place” in Homeland’s journey, after an excellent ‘Tower of David’ episode, is one that’s full of grass that’s green, but not greener.

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Homeland, ‘Tower of David’ review: Must be some favour

“Why go through a world of trouble trying to save him instead of just collecting the reward?” 

Sgt. Nicolas Brody (played by Damian Lewis) is living in a perpetual state of fugue, constantly looking for that “next place” where the grass is greener. Only this time, the grass is just a big pile of concrete. Venezuela has sun, yes, walls made of concrete, more shady characters than there are types of grey, and even a mosque, but little grass. Brody wakes up and doesn’t know where he is, because he’s nowhere. Should he ask for a refund on that “insurance policy” that Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) gave him in the season 2 finale?

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Homeland, ‘Uh … Oh … Ah’ review: Have a little faith

"It’s aggravating, isn’t it, when someone won’t answer your questions?"

Could it be that Saul Berenson, our beloved bearded man, one-upped the Dar Adal’s suggestion from the season 3 premiere episode, and not only threw Carrie Mathison under the bus but also jumped up very hard on it?

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Homeland, 'Tin Man Is Down' review: Distinction without difference

“What did the optimist say as he was jumping off a building?” 

Season 3 of Homeland opened this week with a crater in its narrative arc about as big and as wide as the one standing outside the CIA headquarters. And in all of this, all of us 1.9-million viewers who tuned in to the season premiere, ‘Tin Man Is Down,’ are as many Saul Berenson’s. We’re all looking out the window, wondering exactly what, if anything, will be done to that “one ugly ass hole in the ground” and just what the next move of the agency may be.

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