Even Russell Westbrook loves Taylor Swift.

The song is called "Bad Blood," but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Taylor Swift shared her new music video this past week, to worldwide acclaim and a record number of views on YouTube. It's the rare pop song that you hear everywhere and every time, and you don't even mind. Not one bit.

The positive reaction all the views in the world aren't exactly surprising, because everyone loves Tay-Swift. You do, I do, your dad does, and so do your grandma, your hairdresser, your favourite artist, the old lady you see every day at the corner store, our Mayor Denis Coderre here in Montreal. Everyone means everyone.

Most important of all, even Russ loves Tay-Swift.

BAD BLOOD!!!! @taylorswift .. Banger!!!!!

Une vidéo publiée par Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) le

Russ has long been judge and jury on realness and he knows what the entire world knows. Tay-Swift can do no wrong, especially not since the release of her all-world 1989 album. We've all found Wonderland; it turns out that they play Taylor Swift music there too. Band-aids don't fix bullet holes, but they help our hearts heal.

Of course, Russ doesn't say this directly, because Russ is a man of few words. But he doesn't need to say anything: the head bob doesn't lie.