No Osheaga 2016, okay, but why not?

(Photo via Osheaga's  Facebook page )

(Photo via Osheaga's Facebook page)

The answer to the question in the title is, well, I guess that I just don't know why?

Let's back up a little bit.

Osheaga 2016 happened last weekend in Montreal, but your boy (i.e. me) didn't go.

That probably doesn't strike as such a big deal, and I guess that you're right in the grand scheme of things, but in the grand scheme of my things? Yep, fairly, decent, pretty big deal.


Going to Osheaga in late July had become a tradition. Hell, I had even written about the experience (i.e. watching OutKast in 2014, a 2015 preview and going longform last year). But you know what they say, right? A thing doesn't become a tradition until you start writing about said thing. Well, there you go.

So Osheaga? Tradition, and kind of a big deal that I didn't go. The more interesting question, maybe, is why wouldn't I go? And the answer, in this case, is probably... I don't know?

I wasn't even all that busy, really. Sure, I did a few things, notably was at work on the Friday, also was at the Rogers Cup final on the Sunday (#humblebrag, as well as another tradition of mine). I guess, basically, I just didn't really want to.

Going to Osheaga is fun. You head over to Parc Jean-Drapeau and listen to (some of) your favourite bands and hang out with friends (don't go alone, because it's lonely). It gets sweltering hot, of course, and there are TONS of people (don't stay until the very end of the headliners' shows because you'll regret it with 50,000 people trying to get on the subway all at once). Food sucks and beer is pricey but come on, you weren't going to Osheaga to eat good food. (You were going for beer, yes, but whatever get over it.)

Osheaga is a fun time, yes, but why wasn't I going this year?

I remember when Osheaga released its lineup earlier, I felt really underwhelmed. The headliners were, to me, quite uninspiring. Hey, I love Radiohead but, like, I didn't want to shelve the big bucks for Radiohead and a bunch of other shows/artists I didn't really all that much about.

And that's what I thought at the time, I remember. "Hmmm this lineup is really, just, meh," that's what I remember thinking at the time. It's with this thought in my head that I've moved on with life since Osheaga released its lineup; I was intent of missing the festival this year, but like it didn't matter because that lineup isn't really all that good.

Fast forward to the last week of July in the few days before Osheaga and, wait had they changed their lineup? What I remembered was definitely lukewarm, only now I saw that Vince Staples, Kaytranada AND Koriass each had a set this year. Even worse, their sets were scheduled one per day, so really maybe I should have bought a weekend pass?

Ugh. Whatever. Let's say the real reason why I didn't go to Osheaga this year is that they hadn't scheduled any Kannibalen Records artist. Now as for ileSoniq, happening this weekend, has scheduled the homie Snails on Saturday; is it a coincidence that I'm going to the festival?

(No, it isn't.)