Barack Obama meets David Simon

David Simon barely flinched.

As President Barack Obama told him that he was “a huge fan of The Wire,” which he called “one of the greatest pieces of art” of the last few decades, and as he continued with a question on the drug trade, the camera turned to Simon.

Here was the most powerful man in the world complimenting the creator of such a fine piece of art that’s he’s also a huge superfan of. Said creator said nothing and did nothing. He waited for the question.

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Your younger sister gets married. Now what?

If you’re lucky enough, you will get invited to and attend plenty of weddings in your life. But you haven’t been to one until your younger sister is the bride. Not many things are that humbling.

What follows is a version of some of the things that I talked about in a speech on Oct. 4, 2014, a day after my younger sister Mariane Blouin-Gascon married to Edward Mesias in Newark. It made me feel many feels, and I spoke with no notes but I think that I remember the gist of what I said. (The heart never forgets.) Readers will forgive me, today, for adding a few more things. I am better at articulating my thoughts when I write them down.

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Le « Ice Bucket Challenge » : Réplique aux offusqués

Il y a beaucoup trop de cynisme dans notre monde. Et s’il y a autant de cynisme, c’est parce qu’il y a tellement de cyniques.

Eh oui, l’un ne va pas sans l’autre. Comme la poule et l’oeuf, à cela de près que l’on sait que c’est l’oeuf, ou plutôt le cynique, qui vient avant le cynisme. En tant que concept, le cynisme a toujours existé mais s’il a actualisé son potentiel, c’est grâce au cynique. Le problème des cyniques, c’est qu’ils ne rient pas. Même quand c’est tout à fait correct de le faire, quand rire est encouragé même, eh bien les cyniques ne rient pas.

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…Now we here.

DISCLAIMER: I graduated on June 10, 2013. After four years at the esteemed School of Journalism of Ryerson University, I finally have a bachelor of journalism–cue your preferred BJ joke…There’s no way to describe exactly how important these four years have been, which is exactly the type of challenge that I like to tackle. Here are some of the highlights, starting with the ending. Please note that some of the dates, and times, are approximate. 

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