A new Kendrick Lamar album? Alright then, a new Kendrick Lamar album.

Sometimes, life just helps you out.

You know, you're not quite sure what you'll want to discuss in the weekly intro of your newsletter, and that's when life throws you a metaphorical bone in the form of a new Kendrick Lamar album on the day of said newsletter.

Seriously. The good kid from a maad city has released a new album titled untitled and unmastered, an eight-song album with every track numbered untitled 01, untitled 02, .... to untitled 08. The Top Dog Entertainment (TDE) CEO had hinted at a surprise, new release this week, but little did we know that it would come from the record label's biggest superstar.

Cool, right? Yes, very cool. Also proof that our industry, which has relied so much on album cycles, release dates and first week sales, is changing, or has changed; it's a trend that arrived for good with Beyonce's surprise album in 2013, then continued with U2's free album controversy, then Kanye's TLOP album, and now Kendrick's new one.

If anything, it's further proof that for the biggest names in music, nothing really matters. Put the album out there whenever you want and we'll most likely buy/stream/download it.
As for the album itself, well I haven't listened to it yet. Give me a week and I'll have a review. Maybe.

Originally published in my newsletter.